Sony Bluetooth speakers
Sony Bluetooth speakers

Sony launched a new range of Bluetooth speakers at CES this year, the latest addition to their home audio lineup. The package includes the SRS-ZR5 and SRS-ZR7 speakers alongside the HT-NT5 soundbar and HT-CT790 wireless subwoofer.

Starting with Bluetooth speakers, the SRS-ZR5, and SRS-ZR7, both varies in size, design, and hardware. The SRS-ZR5 is the smallest unit that can be paired up with its replica to form a stereo setup. It sports an HDMI ARC port, Bluetooth connectivity, and NFC pairing support. The latter, SRS-ZR7 is merely a standalone speaker, better than its successor in all specs. It has four speakers and HDMI ports that play hi-fi audio and streams music as well. It can be configured to multi-room audio line, and can be controlled via Sony’s SongPal app.

Sony Bluetooth speakers SRS-ZR5Then, the HT-NT5 has a unique design where the speakers are angled upwards. Sony did this to project sound out towards the ceiling and to the sides, in addition, to straight out in front of the unit. The company aims to simulate the audio you’d experience from a more robust surround sound setup with just that one speaker and its bassy companion – HT-CT790.

Sony Bluetooth speakers SRS-ZR7Apart aforementioned, Sony has also unveiled three new speakers SRS-XB2, SRS-XB3, and the GTK-XB7, in its Extra Bass line of products. Both the SRS speakers play hi-end music and supports Bluetooth and NFC connectivity options. Additionally, the SRS-XB3 includes a USB port that lets users charged compatible devices while playback. The GTK-XB7 is a big speaker supports NFC and Bluetooth connectivity and has USB port for direct playback via smartphone or tablet.

All of these speakers are resistant to water and available in black, red, and blue color options. Ther’s no word on pricing right now, but its new speaker lineup will be available this spring.