Steam, the video game platform, on Christmas day, experienced a massive caching glitch, which made users logged in to their account found themselves access to someone else’s account.

Thousands of people who logged in with their account credentials on the gaming platform were randomly redirected to other user’s account.

Users were able to access the strangers account details including gaming libraries, home address, credit card information, purchase history and PayPal account credentials.

Precisely, people who visited the steam website were able to access to other user’s account, even if they don’t have a member account.

Valve, the company that manages Steam, took off the service for almost an hour, but the service was restored two hours later and it appears the issue has been resolved.

Though the issue seems to be resolved, it is not advisable to access the gaming platform for few hours. The company hasn’t officially released any statement regarding the glitch which put 125 million accounts at risk.