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Autocorrect is an amazing feature available on several platforms that automatically replaces the misspelled words, if they are in the library, or highlights the word if it isn’t found in the library. Windows 10, however, it works in the same way, but the potential for the application depends on the device you’re using. The problem in Windows 10 is that it will not work everywhere. It works in built-in and popular apps like Facebook, Edge and so on, but that’s not the case with other apps.

You’ll find it useful when you’re using a Windows 10 phone or tablet, and probably not much with the PCs or laptops. The Autocorrect feature is enabled by default on all free Windows 10 installations, but it’s very easy to turn it off.

Here’s how to disable the Autocorrect option in Windows 10

Open settings app by pressing Windows + 1 or by hitting the start icon.

Windows 10 autocorrect feature disabling

Click Devices tab. In the Devices window, click the Typing option on the left panel.

How to turn off Autocorrect in Windows 10

Now, you can turn off the “Autocorrect misspelled words” option here and if you want to disable the “Highlight misspelled words” option, you can do it so. If you’re working without a touch screen, those are the only two options you’ll see. If you’re using a touch device, you can also disable additional correction options, such as showing text suggestions while you type and adding a period when you double-space.


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