Twitter now supports large GIFs

Taking advantage to large GIFs, Twitter has increased its GIF size to 15MB, allowing users to express their emotions with new possibilities for situations.  Previously, Twitter had only supported 5MB for both photos and animated GIFs. Sadly, the photo limit stays the same along with the GIF limit for mobile uploads. Twitter has only expanded the GIFs three times the size if they are uploaded on the web.

The change was spotted by avid GIF users, including Marvel Digital Media VP Ryan Penagos. Indeed, an update to Twitter’s photo FAQ outlines the new size limits. This change comes after the social network starts following to remove logistics barrier to posting medias on various platforms. As of last month, Twitter-owned Vine now supports 140-second video uploads, up from its well-known and constrained 6-second limit. Starting last year, the company also began increasing the length limit for in-stream videos, which now matches Vine at 140 seconds.