uber facebook messenger

Are you tired of switching between apps while ordering an Uber ride when chatting with your friend on Facebook Messenger? Then, this feature is for you. Uber is now available on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook offers many features though its chat app and now, it lets you do order a Uber ride without leaving the messenger app.

“For us, we’re more inspired by how we see our users using Messenger and we just saw the growing popularity of group chats and this is one of the best use cases of why Messenger’s so great,” Facebook product manager Seth Rosenberg said.

We heard that Facebook is working closely with other ridesharing services, which will be integrated with Messenger app in the coming months.

As on add-on, a limited $20 credit will be added to your account for using the Messenger Transportation.

How it actually works

To use this feature, you can either link your existing account to messenger or create a new one from within Messenger. You can order a ride by clicking on the three dot icon “More” below your chat console where you write your message. To get started, tap on “Transportation” on the next screen. You will be directed to the Uber’s Request Ride screen where you can choose your pick-up address, destination and car type.


Once you set up Uber in Messenger, you can order a ride quickly upon clicking the car icon on your chat console. Also, you can order a ride just by tapping the address in a message thread.

As of now, Uber’s famous ride UberPool is not available through Messenger while other riding options Uber X and UberBlack are available. We assume that will be rolled out soon. Here’s the video demonstrating how to order a Uber ride.