When Apple rolled out the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in September, they introduced a new feature in these phones called the “3D Touch”. The 3D touch was advertised as the profound of multi-touch that will let you interact with the iPhone differently by swiping, pinching and zooming.

iPhones aren’t the new to this pressure-sensitive technology so-called the 3D Touch as it was already introduced in Apple watch and the new MacBook as Force Touch, launched earlier this year.

It has been touted as a new innovation beyond the multi-touch but actually, it wasn’t. What it really does is it helps us to save one or few taps. At this time, only a few third-party apps support 3D touch technology and even some Apple’s own apps aren’t in the list. I’m not sure how far the new innovation is familiar and used by us in real time. As we use the phone in a normal way, often we neglect it to use it or forget the technology for what it was intended to.

If you’re unfamiliar, what the 3D touch is or how it works. Here it is. The iPhone reacts on how hard you press on the phone screen. You can provoke the shortcuts of an app by pressing down harder on the app icon on the home screen without entering into the app. Also, by swiping harder in the edge of the screen, you can switch into one of the many already-open apps. You can peek at things like messages, emails, photos or links to get a preview of what they are, or press down the screen a bit further to pop interact with the content.

The downside of this technology is that there are dozens apps that are frequently used by us, which do not support 3D touch. That makes us feel weird about it. Since many apps don’t support this technology, many users forget to use the new technology with the other apps that actually supports it.

I hope, when app developers integrate the technology on their apps and come up with brilliant applications supporting the clever technology, the underwhelming 3D Touch technology might turn to an overwhelming technology.

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