Bluedio Vinyl Plus Luxury Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Vinyl Plus Luxury Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from Bluedeo introduces you to the elegant world of Schubert and Stravinsky. Vinyl is known to specialize in warm liquid mids. At the same time, it also works seamlessly with Bluetooth feature in order to come up with a real rendezvous between the idyllic past and fast paced future. Vinyl records is also known to create full fidelity, including lossless audio.

This headphones set stimulate the very same sound signature available in 3D, further brightening your collection of Rock n’ Roll and Classical genres. As a matter of fact, even the headphones’ design is quite similar to the known vinyl grooved circles. As a result, the ultimate result is a league apart compared to other headsets under the same category and range.

Vinyl Plus Luxury Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Product Specifications

 Audio Quality

 TheVinyl Plus Luxury Wireless Bluetooth Headphones feature a very lively 3D sound option and amazingly appropriate vinyl sound. In its normal mode, you can easily feel it’s tight and punch bass transforming to coherent mids and good quality high. The manufacturer chooses to select original sound reproduction using an elaborate detailing set in a wide sound stage.

Bass also stays in place, never interfering with mids and highs, and still maintaining a very strong presence. With its generous instrument separation, there is a sparkle in using various musical agents. With its 3D sound mode, which works on Bluetooth only, you can notice the added warmth immediately to the audio. 3D also works in expanding the audio, transporting you to a feeling similar to that of a live concert.

Bluetooth Feature

 The Bluetooth feature tethers this headphones into the modern age. With this feature, you can expect to be offered 20 hours talk time on a single 2 hour charge. The process for pairing is also quite easy. All you have to do is to turn the Bluetooth on, discovering them on the device you want to pair. Aside from that, you can also pair it with your phone in order to answer and ignore calls.

The moment the battery dies, you still have the option to use the headphones by connecting to your device through a 3.5mm cable (male to male). In this case, the controls will now be transferred to the connected device. You can also expect a Bluetooth range that reaches 33 feet from the device connected.

Comfort and Build

The Vinyl Plus Luxury Wireless Bluetooth Headphones have  vinyl inspired type of design and architecture that makes it standout from other models in this range. It also has a plus in the looks department. As an over-the-ear set, they are very comfortable to wear, and are carved tastefully in metal and black.

Its circular shaped earpieces are also padded using faux leather, as well as memory foam in order to imprint the shape of your head. This results to allowing your ears to easily breathe through the ventilation of the earcups. The earpads are also equipped with a protein lining that make softer contact with your skin.

The headband used in this set is also cushioned opulently, making it more comfortable to the feel. All in all, these factors offer a comfortable fit without really compromising style and design. The headphones also collapse right at the joint of its curved arms, forming a more sturdy and portable type of structure. This vinyl model offers that overall impression of solid build and quality which is envied by other models.

Other Standout Features


These headphones easily sync using a number of other devices including Android and iOS gadgets, or generally all devices that has Bluetooth capability.

Carry Case

This set comes equipped with a case that has a buckle, capable of holding it securely. As such, it is relatively easy to fold your headphones, packing them away using the carry case. At the same time, there is also a separate pouch that can be used for the cable.


To make controls easier, there is a multifunctional button which can be pressed to turn it on, and do other commands including answer/reject, play/pause, and others. Volume control and track navigation is also managed by these buttons.


All in all, the Vinyl Plus Luxury Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is a competitive option. As a matter of fact, it can even compete favorably with other headphones under the same range and category, even those under bigger names in the industry.

The sound signature of this headphones is simply worth the attention. The manufacturer of this model, Bluedio, has definitely stepped out of its way just to resurrect the beauty of Vinyl. All of the features mentioned, combined together with its killer looks make the entire package worth purchasing. Bluetooth connectivity is also very smooth, with no trace of dropping problems.

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