virtual reality games with franchise potential

We’re at an interesting point in gaming, as many look to adopt new virtual reality headsets to complement their PCs or consoles. With virtual reality gadgets, the evolution of virtual reality games is going to be irresistible. At this stage, most don’t expect VR to actually replace consoles, but they do represent a sort of alternate near-future for gaming, and they’re likely going to establish a pretty major corner of the industry.

Virtual Reality Games with Franchise Potential

One of the things that make this so interesting is that the transition from console to VR isn’t as linear as that from one console generation to the next. Therefore, the new headsets will be bringing in new developers and brand-new gaming concepts. That’s not to say there won’t be games that represent continuations of existing concepts and franchises, but for the most part virtual reality games are bringing about new and original titles.

Now the fun question is which of these new titles has the potential to start a franchise exclusively for VR play? It’s impossible to say at this stage, but based on various factors, these are a few games worth keeping your eye on for expansion and possible sequels.

Lucky’s Tale

Lucky’s Tale is one of the nest virtual reality games that feature title bundled with Oculus Rift, and it’s being called the Mario of VR. Ostensibly this is because it’s a platformer (which in and of itself is a strange concept for VR), but it’s also because it involves a cute animated character in a bright, whimsical world reminiscent of Mario, Sonic, and Banjo Kazooie.

Early reviews have indicated that it’s a fun but not revolutionary game that perhaps doesn’t take full advantage of Virtual Reality, but it still seems likely that Lucky’s Tale will be more than a one-off. There’s always going to be space for a game like this.


Part post-apocalyptic RPG, part fantasy dungeon crawler, Chronos has been called a massively beautiful game, though it’s also considered to be a very difficult one. Basically you get an axe or a sword and you’re challenged to fight through a bunch of bad guys until you die, always trying to reach the next “transport crystal” that will propel you to a new stage.

There’s more to it than that, but it’s an attractive, challenging and inventive game that both captures a retro spirit and capitalizes on VR. It should become one of the more popular VR games and could spawn a franchise.


CasinoVR is actually a somewhat-crude poker simulation for VR, but it’s what the game doesn’t have that makes it so interesting. Indeed, compare it to the quality of casino gaming online and it’s actually pretty stripped down. We’ve reached a point where there is a range of virtual reality games boasting various interactive elements such as live dealers and real time gaming.

And these games aren’t only related to poker. It would seem perfectly possible for future versions of CasinoVR (perhaps with bigger budgets) to replicate the sharpness and diversity of this type of online gaming platform, resulting in a total virtual casino experience. Then again, we could also simply get a series of smaller, individual games (PokerVR, BlackjackVR, etc.).

The London Heist: Getaway

Arguably the most promising first-person shooter for VR, The London Heist: Getaway is a pretty incredible experience. Designed to be compatible with PlayStation’s VR outing, it places you in different situations in which you must explore the area in front of you and act quickly to escape an interrogation, steal a diamond, fight off bad guys, etc.

It’s likely that more players will take to it as more people actually buy VR headsets, meaning it could easily lead to a longer series with new locations or gameplay concepts.


This one is pretty straightforward. Driveclub has been available on the PS4, and there were debates about whether or not it was the best looking racing game on the planet.

It’s also being adapted for VR. Needless to say, if it looks and functions similarly to its console counterpart, it’s going to be one of the pretty incredible virtual reality games that will almost certainly have follow-ups.

Future of Virtual Reality Games

There will probably be numerous Virtual Reality Games in a matter of years, but these seem to be among the likeliest leaders in that category.


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