Watch Google Pixel Smartphone Launch Event Live -Google October Event 2016

Google has been geared up for the launch of its flaghship Pixel smartphones at this year’s Google’s big October event, which is going to happen in a couple of hours. The launch event will be live streamed via Google’s official YouTube channel at 9.30pm IST.

How to Watch Google October Event 2016 Live

Google is live streaming its October 4th Event via its official #madebygoogle YouTube channel. You can watch the event live here:

What to Expect from Google October Event 2016

The Google October event will see a number of big announcements made today apart from the launch of two flahgshio Android smartphones, Google Home, Allo, Chromecast and the DayDream project. The Pixel smartphone will take the center stage as the anticipation for these devices are already in sky.

Pixel Smartphones

The Pixel smartphones are the first product from Google “Made By Google” similar to Apple’s iPhones. Google is pushing the smartphone to the mainstream thus putting an end to Nexus smartphones that were made with partnership with other OEMs.  These smartphones will directly rival with Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as they were designed to take them out.

There are lots of goodies to accompany the Pixel smartphones like premium innards, custom software, and personal assistant like Siri. No more stock android woth Google phones.

Google Home

Amazon Echo is the pioneer digital assiant lately, which the Google comes with a new product called the Google Home to take on Echo. As IoT getting geared up, technology companies started to focus on artificial intelligence, and Google Home isn’t an exemption. Google Assitant, the artificial intelligence of Google will be the brain of Google Home.

It has been designed in a way to work similar to Amazon Echo such as taking full control of your smart home appliances, ordering a pizza for you, booking a ride for you, and many things.

Google Home will have support from third party services so you can do things with the help of voice commands. Google may use Far Field Voice Recognition Technology to power its digital assistant, Google Home.

…And more things to be discovered today.

There are lot of things to be unveiled at the Google October 2016 Event. Stay Tuned with us for live updates on the event.