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  1. When you change fonts, eventually you can save printer ink.
  2. Email was invented before the World Wide Web.
  3. The QWERTY keypad was actually designed to slow you down while typing.
  4. The digital currency dominates the world, in fact, about 92% of currency is digital.
  5. Until 1995, domain name registrations were free.
  6. The first designed 5MB storage device by IBM in 1956 was almost weighed a ton.
  7. In 1936, Russia designed a computer that can actually operate using water.
  8. Wikipedia uses 1,941 authorized bots on 38,818,162 Wikipedia pages to prevent vandalism.
  9. A 15-year old Jonathan James in South Florida forced NASA to shut down its computers for three weeks by hacking that data in 1999.
  10. You computer won’t get infected by virus just by opening an email message.
  11. Around 70% of virus program developers work for anti-virus companies.
  12. Yahoo’s original URL was
  13. The US used the password – 00000000 for 20 years for nuclear missiles.
  14. Cosmic rays from outer space have the ability to corrupt data in your system.
  15. This is the first ever created web page and that is still live at its original location.