WhatsApp Betrayed its Loyal Users; Just Breached its Privacy Policy

WhatsApp, the instant messaging service owned by Facebook has now betrayed its loyal users and customers in a recent change in its privacy policy. WhatsApp’ long remain on security has broken today requesting that its clients recognize its new privacy policy.

When you launch the WhatsApp, you’ll be incited with a change in privacy policy tab and upon accepting it, you’re pledging the company to share your personal and all kind of information with its parent company ‘’Facebook” for promoting ads.

WhatsApp Past Activities

WhatsApp, the most used service around the world, acquainted end-to-end encryption service a few months ago, which raged the legislatures and their offices. The update doesn’t permit access to you conversation and messages to the outside world, aside from you and your beneficiary. The catch is that even WhatsApp can’t access those messages.

Everyone commended WhatsApp for its striking move towards privacy, and nobody pondered that it was accomplished for its own business. However, specialists asserted that it’s a false declaration by the organization which it generally has admittance to users’ information.

It was proved today with the change in its privacy policy. Here, you are invited to play its magic game.

How Users Will Be Affected

Expect a few, most of us would have skipped to peruse the entire privacy policy and accepted it without their preferences.  When you hit “Agree,” you have been into the original trap. The company will collect all you data through their app and will send it to Facebook. Facebook will dissect your data and use it for its business growth.

Despite the fact that Facebook has said that it will gather just the accompanying information:

  • Phone number
  • Type of operating system
  • Screen resolution
  • Mobile carrier
  • A device identifier
  • How often people open the app

Do you really think that Facebook won’t collect data past the rundown? I never think so. As we are adapting to new technologies, privacy and security seem to be the genuine threat. When companies have access to your phone that has a ton of your personal and financial data, apparently they have full access to your phone. Literally, they can access to any type of data you have on your phone.

Facebook will share your data with their advertisers for money. Indiscriminately, we are letting these technology mammoths to harvest our data to profit out of it. Things aren’t going to end with it. When your privacy is breached, what’s the point in claiming, “Technologies are safe”

However, just a mock up, WhatsApp allows its existing users to toss “share my account” option. The deadline to disavow the settings is September 24, 2016. Toggle the option if you don’t want your data to be imparted to Facebook advertisers. Do it now or you’ll lament for eternity.

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