Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft is all geared up for big celebrations of Windows 10’s first anniversary. It’s been almost a year, the tech giant released the Windows 10 operating system back in August last year, and it has seen a number of updates with new features and tweaks in the course of the year. The Windows 10 was offered free until now, and that ends on July 29th. Users of Windows 8 and 7 have been allowed to upgrade their current OS version to Windows 10.

Microsoft will be releasing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2nd that comes with a bunch of new features and improvements.

Let’s go around the best features of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Windows Ink:

The best feature in Windows 10 is the Windows Ink, which is the new brand name for the existing pen support. The Ink offers access to the Windows Ink Workspace – the central hub for Sticky Notes, Sketchpad, and Screen sketch. It also works with third party apps or Windows apps that support a stylus.

Sticky Notes isn’t new to Windows users, but now it works with your stylus and even as Cortona integration. You can write reminders on Sticky Notes, and if Cortana understands what you wrote, it will transform it into true reminders.

Sketchpad allows you to sketch anything that comes into your mind instantly as if you’re drawing on a paper. You can draw a guide, or simply doodle or solve problems. There’s a virtual ruler that allows you to draw shapes or just straight lines. You can move the ruler anywhere with your fingers and that makes perfect sense with your stylus and touch.

Screen Sketch, as the name suggests, you can draw on the screen and quickly share it. Suppose if you want to make a quick note of something, you can ink them on the screen just like that.

Microsoft Edge Extensions:

Microsoft is bringing extensions to its Edge browser with this update. Just like Chrome extensions, you’ll be having access to extensions and add-ons on the Edge browser hereafter. AdBlock, 1Password, LastPass, and EverNote are already available and let the third party app developers fill the Window store with their extensions.

With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Edge browser will be popping out web notifications and websites pushing the notification to the Windows 10 Action Center. Microsoft has also added new features such as right-clicking on the back button of the browser will show the history and to pin a tab in place, just right-click on the tab. They have also improved the battery performance of the Edge browser, which is now claimed up to 70 percent better than competitors.


Microsoft introduced its digital assistant, Cortana on Windows 10 last year, and since its launch, it has been improved a lot. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring the Cortana to the lock screen as well. Now, you can access your personal digital assistant without logging in. You can ask it make a note, set a reminder, play some beats, and even more. Microsoft is making Cortana more intelligent with this update, it will have the ability to schedule appointments on Outlook and it can even send a document to your friends on voice command.

Dark Theme

The dark theme in Windows 10 was debuted last year and it wasn’t completed fully at the time of release. With a polished makeover of Anniversary update, the Windows 10 UI gets new look and tweaks. Setting up the dark theme will also make the built-in apps switch to a darker background that typically use a white background.

Microsoft has also tweaked the Windows 10 UI a lot such as the all apps list is now integrated with Start menu and Live Tiles has been tweaked a little. If you see a news story running on any app on a Live Tile, clicking on it will let you directly to the news page, instead of getting you to the app’s homepage.

The Action Center has also been improved in more ways. If you are on a tablet, you can choose to hide the taskbar automatically, thereby letting the app take full advantage of the screen. All apps view on Start screen has also been tweaked to navigate easier.

Now, you can set your time zone automatically

The best feature in OS X is now coming to Windows 10, with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. If you traveling abroad on business, you don’t have to manually adjust your laptop time again.  It will be changed automatically based on your location. Microsoft, however, wants you to enable the feature from the settings app, as it isn’t enabled by default.

Windows Hello:

Windows Hello is a really a secure feature that has been added to Microsoft 10. It allows you to login to your PC or laptop by scanning your face using the device’s camera without asking for a password prompt. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows Hello is extending its service to apps and websites. So you can access the apps and websites that are protected with passwords by allowing the Windows 10 to scan your face or fingerprint, depending on the device.

Windows 10 apps coming to Xbox One:

As Microsoft stated earlier, Xbox One is finally getting Windows apps. With the Anniversary Update, Windows 10 will power Xbox One, so eventually it will get support for Cortana and the new universal apps. This means that these apps will be available on the Windows 10 and the Xbox One console.

With few apps already started appearing across such as Netflix, MSN Weather Groove Music apps.

Bash in Windows:

Bash for Windows is something new which is really a big deal for developers and not for general users. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will support Linux commands that will allow Linux developers to access all tools on Windows. As it is only useful for developers, Windows has made it as an options feature, which can be accessed by enabling it from the settings app.

Project to PC:

It’s more similar to the remote desktop which will allow you to mirror your PC or your mobile screen on another machine. Microsoft is adding the “project to PC” option in Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Windows 10 Skype app:

Microsoft has built a new universal Skype app that is integrated with the Messages app in Windows 10. There’s already a desktop app. However, the new app isn’t completely developed yet, but it works perfectly for your basic video and audio calls.

Sync your phone notifications to your PC:

With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you’ll be able to sync your phone notifications to your PC. If you have a Windows 10 phone or an Android phone, you can sync all the apps notifications to your PC using Cortana. This will allow you to respond to your messages, dismiss notifications, and send photos from your phone to your PC.


As a whole, Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been polished with a bunch of new features and tweaks. Windows 10 has now become a concrete platform with new features taking on its competitors. Besides aforementioned features and tweaks, Microsoft has made a number of tweaks, improvements, including improved battery life, improved support for multiple displays, DPI scaling, improved performance and more, thereby making the Windows 10 a complete package for everyone. This isn’t the last update for Windows 10, but the latest one, with more updates and features coming later this year and beyond.


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