Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is being used on more than 200 million devices around the world in the less than six months since it launched. That’s up from the 110 million devices that Microsoft announced just about three months ago, so while adoption has slowed ever so slightly, Windows 10 is still going strong.

Microsoft offered free a upgrade to Windows 10 for both personal computers and portable devices and seems it really worked for them. And, in the same time span of six months, Windows 8 was only installed on 100 million devices, which indicates Windows 10 is being adopted about twice as fast. The volume of conversions from Windows 8 to Windows 10 is pretty high, that’s due to the impact of free upgrades.

Microsoft has also shared some statistical reports on Windows 10 usage. It says that Windows 10 users spend over 11 billion hours of time interacting with the OS in December alone, which is quite impressive.