Axis has developed the world’s smallest first person view drone, the Axis Vidius, which is just 1.5-inches square quadcopter that can stream and record live videos in 420p. It can even capture shots during its flight. Axis claims this gadget to be the world’s smallest –ever camera-equipped drone, making it so tiny (weighs less than .55 pounds) that users don’t have to register it with the Federal Aviation administration.

Axis Vidius

FAA has launched its online registration program for the drone back in December, which requires all pilots to register their drones before February 19th. The registration costs $5, which will be waived through January 20th.

Axis Vidius controllerThe Axis Vidius is capable of flying up to 100 feet and it can even perform 360-degree flips and rolls during its flight. You can control the tiny robot from your iPhone or Android device. It also includes a 2.4GHz controller out of the box. You can even share the live streaming videos using the vidius app installed in your phone to social media networks, email, and more.

The tiny drone sports a 150mAh battery that offers a 5-7 minute flight time on a 20-minute charge. Vidius is up for pre-order now with a ship date of January 29th at the latest. It’s on sale for $75 before January 7th; afterward, it’ll be $95.

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