Xbox one Anniversay update

Microsoft’s Xbox One Anniversary update is almost here that brings a free upgrade to your gaming console. The 2016 update will bring a bunch of new features and tweaks, including Cortana, Windows app for your TV, and the ability to view what your friends are playing on their gaming console. Sadly, Microsoft won’t include the feature to play your favorite music in the background. It will arrive later this year.

Here’s a walk-through the new features:


Microsoft finally bringing its digital voice assistant Cortana to Xbox which performs basic tasks over voice command. You can launch a game or ask all sorts of knowledge-related queries such as, “Who are the Padres playing tonight?” or, “What’s good to eat around here?

“Today, talking to your Xbox is a little bit like talking to your dog,” says Albert Penello, a senior director of product management on Xbox. “All the old Xbox commands will work, but there’s a much more robust set of grammar that Cortana understands.”

With this update, old Xbox voice commands are going away. If you’re used to saying “Xbox On” to turn on your game console from across the room, you’ll need to say “Hey Cortana, Xbox On” once the Anniversary Update rolls out.

Cortana is coming to the US and the UK this summer, and will be in a preview for France, Italy, Germany and Spain. There’s no word on other countries, including Australia.

Finally, Windows and Xbox app stores going together

Past summer, you’ll be able to download a variety of Windows apps onto your Xbox and use them on your TV screen. The Xbox Anniversary update brings Windows and Xbox app stores together, and technically speaking, Xbox runs Windows 10 too. That makes to unify them.

Thought, you can access them on a single platform, in fact, the only latest app that is available in Windows store will be coming to Xbox. Developers have to push them to Xbox in order to access them publicly.

Find what your friends do

Later this summer, you’ll be able to see what your friends are playing and communicate with them if your friends use Xbox app on their Windows 10 PC. The Xbox app will recognize when they’re playing different game titles and update their Xbox Live status accordingly. This will allow Xbox and Microsoft gamers to have a chit chat no matter what they’re playing.

Other changes

Apart from biggies, there have been some smaller changes as well. You’ll be able to share screenshots and game clips to Twitter from Xbox Live. Instead of horizontal, your game library now scrolls vertically. You can see the status of downloading games with a new progress bar. You can customize your sharing options. You’ll be able to download Game DVR clips from Xbox, edit the video with a PC and reupload them to share with other gamers. On Windows, you’ll be able to record game clips at 60 frames per second, the app store will now offer preorders, and DLC packs for games. And, there are several features coming around the corner. Keep your fingers crossed!

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