The Chinese consumer electronics brand Xiaomi launched its first drone today, putting an end to an array of teasers about it, and it seems, it will be taking on some serious competition in the hottest category of consumer tech – drones.

Like, we’ve already reported Xiaomi will be partnering with other Chinese companies to launch their products under its brand. And, this one comes from a China-based drone major Flymi, which makes these devices for Xiaomi. The Chinese OEM will be selling it under its brand across various channels including its online store

Mi droneEntering into one of the most trending categories of consumer tech, Xiaomi has been aggressive on pricing – the 1080p version of Mi drone will retail at 2499 CNY ($380) while the 4K version is priced at 2999 CNY ($450). They are many lots cheaper than its competitors, particularly, the DJI, the leader in drone market, which starts at $900 for a 4K model and it applies to other makers in the drone space.

Xiaomi’s Mi Drone is a quadcopter with a three-axis gimbal that can fly for 27 minutes on a single charge, thanks to the massive 5,100mAh battery. They have a range of 3km which is on par with other makers that have the same flying time but they are costlier than you’d think. Taking advantages of modular design, where the whole tech companies have been focusing on, Xiaomi is touting the Mi Drone as a unit of modularity and serviceability, meaning all parts of the drone is detachable including the camera module, rotors, and the battery too.

Mi Drone remoteThe Mi Drone has a 360 camera module that can shoot 4K video and there’s a remote control that can be attached to your smartphone for a live feed. It uses both GPS and GLONASS for positioning and it has a visual positioning system to keep itself stable while flying at low altitudes. Also, for newbie’s, if it goes beyond the designated range, it will create a virtual fencing and, will fly back to the ground from where it took off.

mi drone camera moduleXiaomi notes that the 1080p Mi Drone “will be crowdfunded on the Mi Home app starting 26 May 2016” while the 4K option “will be available for testing via an open beta programme at the end of July.”

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