YouTube Go Is Now Official, Available For Download in India

YouTube Go Is Now Official in India

Google announced a new version of the YouTube app will be launched in India back in September last year, which will give users more control over the app and data being consumed while watching or downloading videos. YouTube Go aims at saving video for later viewing which is more offline-centric. The app is now officially available for download on the Play Store.

In emerging countries like India where mobile data coverage and Wi-Fi hotspots keeps on increasing, still reliable data connectivity prevails to be a big concern. And, of course, you can’t watch videos anywhere you like. That’s where YouTube Go pitch in to fill the gap which allows users to save the videos offline to view later and preview videos so that users can decide whether to watch it or download it, choose the resolution of the video and how much space it will consume for different resolutions before saving the video. And, of course, you can share the saved video with friends via Bluetooth.

What’s new with the YouTube Go is that the video resolution is restricted to basic or standard quality where 1080p or even 780p will not be available.

How to Use YouTube Go app

Visit Google Play, hunt for YouTube Go app, install and open the app. Just like other Google products, sign in with your Gmail account. You need to enter your phone number for verification with text and for friend-finding later on.

The app will look similar to the standalone YouTube app that you have been using so long. When you play a video each time, you will be asked to select the quality (basic or standard) of the video for instant playing or offline viewing. It will also alert if any channel owner restrict to save the videos. The little screen will also notify the space that it would take for different formats.

There will be two tabs – Home Tab and Saved Tab. The Home Tab where you’ll look out for videos and do all sorts of things and Saved Tab is where all your saved videos go. In Saved Tab, there is an option to share the saved video with your friends via Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth.

The app is swift, and the content is identical and so no complaints there.