Google Cardboard

Google is finally bringing the support for Google Cardboard support to the iOS version of YouTube, which was only exclusive to Android version until now. The latest update to the iOS YouTube app brings the support for the cheap disposable Cardboard, so you can now either watch a 360-degree in virtual reality or just a normal video in VR environment. You’ll have to tap the small cardboard icon under the videos to experience the virtual reality with a simple Cardboard headset.

Samsung’s Gear VR might be little expensive, though, Google Cardboard is the cheapest VR headset in the market from a brand store that lets people experience mobile virtual reality. There aren’t major upgrades other than Cardboard support, but this is the one people were expecting for a long time. You don’t have to spend a fortune or lookout for Android smartphone from now then.

YouTube remains to be the native platform that fits Cardboard to the core other than alternative platforms. Where there are rumors about Google launching a new Android VR platform later this week at their I/O conference, bringing support for Cardboard to its native app for iOS indicates that it hasn’t given up on its paper box yet.

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