Elon Musk announces Tesla Model Y will be launched in 2020

While Tesla Model 3 is yet to hit the shelves, Elon Musk has announced some of the future plans of its electric vehicle company today. Musk, who is been busy in several projects such as the brain implants, launching reusable rockets, Semi truck, solar glass panels has revealed Tesla is working on a new electric car tagged Model Y, which is set for launch in 2020.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla has said today that the company will come out with a new Tesla in a couple of years, likely to be launched in 2020 or late 2019. The new Model Y will be on a completely different platform, smaller than the Model 3 and will come with handful of new features. It will have the same pricing as that of the Model 3.

While auto makers use the existing platform to make new cars in order to cut the development and production cost, Musk is aiming to deliver highly efficient Tesla with the new platform. The new Model will have wiring harness of 100 meters only.On the other note, mass production of Model 3 will kick start in a couple of months with the global launch of the electric car will likely happen in late 2017. Model is the cheapest Tesla yet. Having said that the Tesla Model Y will be in the price range around the Model 3, the company isn’t planning to come out with a flagship model likely.


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