South Korea is building K-city for self-driving cars

K-City, the world’s largest testing bed for self-driving cars will be opened in South Korea in October. The 88-acre facility will the first of its kind, larger than Michigan’s 32-acre Mcity, will equip everything from expressways, bus-only lanes to parking lots that an autonomous car might encounter.

South Korea is lagging behind other countries in providing permission for self-driving car testing which the country starting issuing permits for testing of self-driving cars last November. This facility is to provide car-makers and technology companies to perform repetitive test on various scenarios and road environments. South Korea earlier announced to launch Level 3 autonomous vehicle (with driver backups) by 2020. And, this is the first step in achieving their ambitious goal.

K-City is being constructed by Korea Transportation Safety Authority based on intelligent transport system under a whopping budget of $17 million (11 billion won). The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport of South Korea is planning to open the expressways in October and the entire facility will be opened in the first half of 2018. Auto makers don’t require permits from the government to test self-driving in this facility.


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