Tesla Model 3

Tesla unveiled the Model 3 back in April last year, touted to be the cheapest electric car in the US, and people were eagerly looking forward for the delivery of the car. And, they can now relax as Tesla will start pilot production of the Model 3 on February 20th. Those who were familiar with the matter say Tesla could potentially announce the production while releasing the fourth-quarter earnings.

This is just a pilot production and so they won’t make it to customers anytime soon as they are meant to test the production line. The chances are higher for February 20 deadline to be missed as they have a history. As per sources, the test production of the car might be delayed due to some final design changes or supplier issues that the company can’t control.

Tesla has already begun the mass production of the battery at the Gigafactory that will be used in the Model 3. If everything goes as planned, Tesla will start the rest production run by the end of February.


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