Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla Motors will be officially launched in India this summer (2017) when he was asked about it by a Tesla fan in Twitter. Tesla launched the cheapest Model 3 back in April last year, and during the launch, Elon Musk said that the semi-autonomous electric car will arrive in emerging markets including India, Soth Africa, Brazil, Singapore and Ireland. The company still hasn’t started the production of Model 3, however the battery that will be used in the car is being produced in brisk phase at the Gigafactory.

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It was hinted that Tesla will begin pilot production of Model 3 in late February with the production run units sometime in 2017. The official site of Tesla Motors still has not listed India and other markets, but it is expected to list these markets soon. However, India will not have the semi-autonomous feature in the India spec Model 3 owing to bad road conditions. For autonomous car to ply on Indian roads, the technology used in the car requires precise details about roads, gradients and elevations.

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Considering the pathetic road conditions in India, Tesla won’t bring full autonomous feature anytime soon, but will some perks of automation like automated parking, headlamps that turns off on their own and more. Musk earlier mentioned that the car will be available in India before the production of the car begins, however it is likely to be deferred based on the current state. In US, Tesla has installed superchargers across the country for consumers to charge up their cars for free, but Tesla plans to introduce fees for supercharges outside the US.

The semi-autonomous Model 3 costs $35,000 in the United States which translates to roughly Rs. 23,51,300 in India, which is not ‘Cheap’ though.


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