After Jayalalithaa’s demise on December 5, 2016 several posts and pictures about her were creating buzzes on social media platforms.

Why Jayalalithaa Turned Down Billa Offer?

Likewise, in a letter written on her own in 1980 to a journalist in response to “She is struggling to stage a come-back”, she had mentioned that she had received several offers but it was her who turned down those offers.

In the letter it was mentioned, the director of mega blockbuster movie Billa, Balaji had first finalized Jayalalithaa to play opposite Superstar Rajinikanth in the movie and after she refused to accept the offer, actor Sripriya was roped in that role.

Furthermore, she was not interested in continue with film career and had other ideas. It was her early stage of her entry into politics. Her mentor MGR demanded Jayalalithaa to join the party and quit acting. She was in a transition period so she was not onto films in 1980s. She joined AIADMK in 1982 under the guidance of MG Ramachandran, founder of AIADMK.

Here’s the letter:

Jayalalithaa Refused to Act with Rajinikanth in Billa, Reveals her Letter

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