Julia Louis-Dreyfus powerful SAG acceptance speech

At the 23rd SAG Awards (Screen Actors Guild Awards), awardees never forget to hit President Donals Trump’s executive orders of banning Muslim immigrants and refugees to the United States.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the first on stage to receive the award of the night for Outstanding Performance by Female Actor in a Comedy Series for Veep, impressed everyone with her acceptance speech supporting immigrants and refugees.

“Whether the Russians did or did not hack the voting of tonight’s SAG awards, I look out on the million or million and a half people in this room and I say, this award is legitimate and I won,” she jokingly began, mimicking the president’s speech. “I am the winner. The winner is me. Landslide.”

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“I want you all to know that I’m the daughter of an immigrant,” Dreyfus said. “My father fled religious persecution in Nazi-occupied France. I’m an American patriot [and I] love this country. Because I love this country, I am horrified by its blemishes and this immigrant ban is a blemish and it’s un-American.”

The crowd at the SAG awards gave recognition with round of applause for her strong take against Trump’s order.


  1. Julia Louise Dreyfus at the SAG Awards, gave her opinion about the US Immigration Policy. To all of you people who fell for this, her parents were in a country taken over by terrorists. They fled persecution from terrorists, they came her legally and abiding by all US laws, They didn’t bring NAZI’s embedded with them. If Julia would look at the images of most refugee groups, she would see that there are few if any women and children. And to those of you who think this immigration policy is wrong, did you bitch when Obama did it?

    Trump is using the laws that have been on the books for decades. Look up 8 US Code 1182 INADMISSIBLE ALIENS


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