Unbelievable facts About the Kammanahalli Incident

Bengaluru Mass Molestation: India has raised its voice against the shocking incidents that happened on New Year’s Eve where several women were groped, harassed, molested and stalked during the New Year celebrations. One such incident was a lonely walking woman got groped and molested in public by two men riding bikes in the Kammanahalli area of Bengaluru on the New Year’s Eve went viral.

The entire thing was captured on a security camera and video went viral. The Police came forward and registered a case against the accused even though the victim didn’t take her call of complaining about the incident. While the New Year’s Eve celebration going on full swing, many women were groped and molested at the MG Road and Brigade Road the same night. These have raised question on women security and such incidents of women getting assaulted aren’t new as we have seen several cases in the past, including the Delhi gang rape incident.

What Really Happened That Night in Kammanahalli

The victim, who was walking alone in the Kammanahalli area of Bengaluru was stalked, groped and molested by perverts. When we dig further into the incident, we found that this was not a random incident where the victim was harassed by the accused several times. According to sources, she moved to Bengaluru for her studies recently. She was staying at her friend’s house for more than a week where the main accused, who molested the lady, lives.

Police have identified the four perverts and arrested them. Out of them, the main accused Aiyappa alias Nitish Kumar, 19, and his friends Leno alias Lenin Patrick, 20, Sudhesh alias Sudi, 20, Somashekar alias Chinni, 24, were all residents of Kammanahalli area. They used to hang around the area at tea stalls and eateries. During the time, they have seen her several times, and Lenin Patrick stopped her way one day and called her for a date but she refused.

Chinni and Aiyappa were working as a delivery men in a famous food company. During the night of the incident, they were also celebrating the New Year’s Eve with fun and alcohol. They were drunk and saw the girl in an auto-rickshaw, and it was the same girl who turned down Leno’s proposal. They started to follow her. She got off the auto-rickshaw and started walking on the lane to her house. The four men stopped her way after getting off their bikes and groped her. The incident happened in a public place where passers-by didn’t take a shot of a girl being molested and rescued her even she was trying to fend the attackers off.

Seeing to that, Aiyappa, the main accused, challenged leno on how a girl should be treated while they saw her in the auto rickshaw. Police have arrested these perverts and investigation is going on. Police have identified the girl and didn’t reveal any info about her. Bengaluru’s new Commissioner of Police Praveen Sood said they have been working on the molestation case and would take severe action if they find credible evidence.

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