OPS vs Sasikala

Tamil Nadu is now witnessing a bizarre politics crisis after a shocking revelation by TN caretaker CM O. Panneerselvam last night at late Jayalalithaa’s memorial. OPS sat at her resting place for more than 40 minutes and finally broke his silence which he maintained for years now.

Accusing VK Sasikala and her Mannargudi Mafia about their intention to capture AIADMK party and its leadership, and eventually forced OPS to resign, against his will, so that she would become the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. OPS accused some Senior Ministers and MLAs of the party who had played double standard and everything happened without his knowledge. He is ready to fight them to honour Jayalalithaa’s legacy and for the welfare of the people of Tamil Nady all alone.

At this moment where there hasn’t any clear picture of what will happen in TN politics next, there are only few options and the ball is now in Governor’s court. Everyone’s eyes have been on TN curiously looking of what would happen in the coming days.

Since OPS resignation letter already submitted to acting Governor of Tamil Nadu, Vidyasagar Rao, which was also being accepted, the Governor can act only as what the protocol says.

Can OPS withdraw his resignation?

It is uncertain whether the protocol will allow OPS to withdraw his resignation at this point of time.  As per legal experts, it is unlikely for him to make such move; however, considering the political crisis in the state, his resignation might be reversed. But chances are very less, and if it happens, OPS will return as the CM with a bang.

President’s Rule

It is also one of the options when there was abnormal political conjecture in the state. Governor may dissolve the Assembly and implement President’s rule. But it is unlikely to happen given the situation of point.

OPS Vs Sasikala

Governor has every right to take his call as per the protocol. He might ask both of them, OPS and Sasikala to prove their majority in the Assembly. Id this is the case, the floor test will decide the fate of the party and the state. So for anyone to won the floor test, they must have the support of at least 117 MLA’s to claim the government.

Given the situation, Sasikala has only support from the MLAs and not from the party cadres and general public. After a well organized speech, OPS has become a hero overnight, as people support are pouring in as well as senor members of the party going in favor of OPS. Things would change in a day or two, seeing the popularity for OPS, the MLAs might support him.

Whatsoever, Tamil Nadu is bracing itself to witness a tough political tussle in the coming days. Sasikala has to fight out OPS to claim the CM chair, yet anything can happen here. Just sit tight and watch the political game.


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