father of Sonipat woman gangraped and murdered

An Indian father of a 22-year-old woman, who was brutally gang-raped, murdered and fed to stray dogs, reveals his horrifying experience when he found his little girl stuffed in a dustbin with ‘over 200 maggots’ on her body.  His family was completely devastated with her wide not being able to walk since that horrible incident.

The 22-year-old woman from Sonipat, Haryana was on her way to work to a pharmaceutical company where she worked in a packaging department, was abducted by a jilted lover along with his friends. She was forced to take drugs before she was driven to a jungle near Sonipat.

Mahender Singh, 45, father of her, told “she had dreamt of becoming a doctor one day. Despite scoring good marks in 10th exams, she couldn’t be able to continue her studies because we didn’t have money. She worked in a pharmaceutical company earning Rs. 5,000 a month, saved for her studies and also helped towards the family’s expenses.”

“There were only a few chunks of her body, but I managed to identify my daughter by her clothes and a chain her mother had gifted her a few days earlier,” he said when was called to identify her body. “I will never be able to get that sight out of mind.”

Baed Kaur, 40, mother of the victim, who has threatened to kill herself if her daughter does not get justice, said: ‘I’ve never heard of a scene more horrendous than this.

“My daughter had always been afraid of being raped. She used to always ask me to lock the door if she was home alone. But look how she died? She experienced both in the most brutal way possible.”

Sonipat rape victim dead body

According to post mortem report, she was brutally attacked by the sinners, whose internal organs and genitals were damaged, her face was hardly smashed with bricks as “not to identify her,” and she was also ran her over with their car. Iron wires have been inserted into  her mouth and a part of her hair were torn out as well.

“The bones of her head were badly broken. We suspect several men have raped her and killed her. She was attacked enough to hide her identity,” said Dr Suresh Kumar Dhatterwal, head of the forensic department.

Police have arrested two men for raping and murdering her daughter. Six others are being investigated after the victim’s mother accused them of involvement, said superintendent of police Ashwin Shenvi.

Sumit Kumar, 25, who lives nearby her village, the prime suspect said he was in relationship with her, but she refused to marry and that he could  not able to accept her rejection. So, he wanted revenge. The accused brutally raped her and left her body in the jungle to rot.

The woman left for work on May 9, bust was never returned in the evening.  Her father said, “My son and I went to the factory but it was closed. That’s when we reported her missing. But it wasn’t until neighbours came round and told me that my daughter had been raped and murdered in the most brutal way after they’d read it in a local newspaper.”

Mahendar Singh was a daily wager who was just earning Rs. 100 a day, identified her daughter body at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS), in Rohtak, on May 12.

“When I arrived, her body was in a dustbin. No one had placed her body on a bed. She had over 200 maggots on her body but I picked her up in my arms and put her on a stretcher. It took doctors four hours to remove those maggots from her body,” he added.

Her mother said that the accused was harassing her for over a year, and the matter was settled between the two parties, after a complaint was lodged by them. She admits giving birth to a daughter in India is dangerous.

‘Giving birth to a daughter in India is a crime. If a girl has to suffer this torture, then it’s better not to have a girl child. If crimes like this continue to happen I pray none of my friends or relatives are blessed with a daughter,’ Baed said.

Sonipat gang rape suspects

Dr Suresh Kumar Dhatterwal, head of the forensic department, at PGIMS, said: ‘Police showed utter negligence in this case.

‘When they left the body here, they mentioned the name as unknown and gender as male. They suspected the cause of death to be dehydration and hunger and that the person was mentally unstable.

‘But it was a brutal case of rape and murder. A large and harsh weapon had been inserted in her private parts to cause further injury and it had ruptured her anus.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mukesh Kumar, in Rohtak, said: ‘We have arrested the two accused in this case – 25-year-old Sumit and 21-year-old Vikas.’

The two have been arrested under Sections 302 (punishment for murder), 376 A (punishment for rape), 376 D (gang rape) of the Indian Penal Code and the case will be heard in court within the next 90 days.

Baed added: ‘I will not hide my face in shame. I will now fight for justice until my last breath. I will bravely come forward and fight for the rights of my daughter. She did nothing wrong. The man who did this should be hiding his face in shame. I will kill myself if we do not get justice.’

Source: Dailymail

Photo courtesy: Faisal Magray/Asia Press


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