Government to Scrap Rs. 2000 Note News Goes Viral on Social Media

After the ban of old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 bank notes in the country on November 8, 2016, there have been chaos and currency crunch in the nation. However, with the introduction of new currency notes, Rs. 2000 and Rs. 500, haven’t done any good to the people with banks and ATMs running out of cash in no time.

We now stand on the 50th day of demonetisation and as Modi promised that everything would be normalized with 50 days of demonetisation, things haven’t changed a bit now. The new Rs. 500 note has not reached several regions of the country because of which people are suffering to lead a normal life. ATMs were closed, Banks say no cash yet ordinary people stand in long queues outside the financial institution. Literally, the country in chaos, with trade and several businesses affected. But the sad thing is that big shots like politicians, business men, and middlemen have crores of rupees in new Rs. 2000 currency notes.

While people were debating how this move will stop corruption and black money, news about banning of new Rs. 2000 has been circulated through WhatsApp and social media with a lengthy story.  As per the viral news, Government has decided to take back the new Rs. 2000 notes and introduce Rs. 1000 notes in early January 2017. And, Modi will make some surgical announcement on December 31st aiming at benami properties as a New Year gift to Indians.

However, the scarping of new Rs. 2000 notes seems to be a hoax. RBI has denied the rumours and asked people to not believe such rumours. They don’t have idea of introducing new Rs. 1000 notes in January. This post is just to create awareness among people that do not believe rumours and circulate it in social platforms.


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