Jersey Bulls Landed at Chennai Airport

Jallikattu has gaining momentum after continuous protest against the ban of Jallikattu, an ancient bull embracing sport, across the state of Tamil Nadu. While the protest is getting its intense in the state, a video has now gone viral throwing light on corporate conspiracy over the ban of Jallikattu.

The video has been shared at maximum shows cargos of Jersey cows and bulls landed at the Chennai airport and have been shifted to Animal Quarantine & Certification Services, Velachery. The voices in support of Jallikattu have claimed the real reason for the ban was to eradicate indigenous cattle breed and to replace with foreign breeds.

The video and photos of the imported Jersey cows have been circulated in social media and supporters raged over the things. There were more than 130 native cattle breeds in the country a century ago and that has been pulled down to 37 today, of which many were declares extinct.

🆘அவசரம்!!!🆘சந்தடி சாக்கில் இரவோடு இரவாக மரபணு மாற்றம் செய்த ⛔️🐄ஜெற்சி⛔️காளைகளை தமிழர் மண்ணில் இறக்கிவிட்டான் நம் இன எதிரி.#wedojallikattu#banPETA#banjersi

Posted by I Support Neduvasal on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Without Jallikattu and supported sports, livestock keepers will have to abandon them and switch to foreign cattle breeds. If you recall our history, the same thing had happened to our native dogs. These corporate agents have incorporated a mindset in everyone that having foreign breed dogs would be a prestigious status. We have lost out native dogs.

According to cargo department at Chennai airport, the cargo containing 59 live bulls of the Jersey breed arrived at the Chennai airport at 6.40 pm by Qatar cargo.  They are from Denmark and were meant for the National Dairy Development Board at Anand, Gujarat. Not for Tamil Nadu. They cleared the customs and left the airport at 9PM.

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