Jharkhand BJP Leader Geeta Singh MMS Goes Viral

A dubious alleged MMS video, demonstrating BJP lady politician, designated ladies’ wing Dhanbad region president Geeta Singh in a trading off position with somebody, has circulated in the coal belt here on Tuesday.

This came a day after Geeta Singh was assigned by the present president Chandrashekhar Singh. The video demonstrates the lady and man getting private and it was transferred by the man who covertly caught it. Professedly the video was spilled by a man in the video. It has turned into a sensation in social media since it includes the person from ruling party of India.

Remarking on the episode, Geeta Singh blamed her political opponents for attempting to censure her public image. She included that this sort of publicity won’t influence her Political profession. “I have enrolled a case in Kenduwadih under the IT act and police said they will probe the issue,” she said. She additionally uncovered the name of the man as Satyendra Sinha and said him as an old companion of her.

Chandrashekhar Singh said he saw the video and the party will investigate the matter. If the leader found guilty, appropriate move will be made against Geeta, Singh included. In the mean time, district Congress president BP Singh said that the Center ought to first make their party “swachh” before the nation.

She additionally blamed him for blackmailing Rs 7 lakh from her before transferring the video. The episode became visible only a day after the BJP government official expected a vital position in the party. The casualty has recorded a report against the charged in Dhandbad and requests for examination in the matter have been issued.

BJP Leader Geeta Singh Alleged MMS:


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