Legion Hacked Apollo Hospitals Servers, Threatens It might Cause Chaos in India

The famous hacker group Legion who had already made headlines in India last week has been in the news again with sensitive data that would create ‘chaos’ in the country. The group is responsible for hacking Twitter accounts of famous personalities in India, including Congress Party Vice President Rahul Gandhi, Kingfisher Chairman and businessman Vijay Mallya and TV journalists Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar. They didn’t stop with just hacking their accounts, but also posted abusing content as well.

Legion Hacked Apollo Hospitals

Finally, they came out and had given interview to ‘The Washington Post’ through encrypted instant messaging software. The Legion has said they have hacked and gained access to several servers across the country, including to that of Apollo Hospitals where former Chief Minister J Jayalalitha took treatment. She passed away on December 5, after suffering severe cardiac arrest. Leaking data pertaining to Jayalalitha’s death would create ‘chaoses in Tamil Nadu as well as in India.

The Legion Crew LC have hacked terabytes of raw data of various interests putting together, of which gigabytes of data identified to be worth related to politicians and big shots in the country. It seems they weren’t interested in Indian political data until a few weeks ago, but after breaching servers of political personnel’s, Legion has changed their mind who ended up with access to over 40+ servers in India, said Max Bearak who writes about foreign affairs for the Washington Post.

“Legion” has warned that their next target is former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi.

“As for upcoming targets, LC indicated that he and his fellow hackers had their sights set on bigger things,” the report said.

As they hacked the Twitter accounts from India, the group sought public support claiming that they will be doing more such cracking in the coming weeks.

“Support Legion. We will bring you the info needed to bring these criminals to justice,” a tweet said.

“This is just a partial dump. More data will be coming over the course of a few days 😉 We are Legion,” another tweet from the group said.


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