Unsolved Mysteries around Late Jayalalithaa and her Death

While there were conspiracy surrounding the death of former Chief Minister of J Jayalalithaa, Madras High Court has raised doubts over her death and ordered for a detailed report of the same. The High Court, Chennai asked several questions including why the government didn’t exhume her body and issued notices to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Union government.

In a petition filed by a AIADMK party member PA Joseph, Madras High Court admitted that it has its own doubt over the death of former AIADMK chief and the Justice Vaidyalingam part of the bench, made it clear that he has his own doubts on the death. He said, “Media has raised a lot of doubts, personally, I also have doubts in Jayalalithaa’s death. When she was admitted to the hospital, it was said that she was on a proper diet. Atleast after her death now, truth should be revealed.”

Justice Parthiban also said, “We also saw in newspapers that the chief minister was recovering, and that she was eating, signing papers and even conducting meetings. And then suddenly she was dead.”

It’s very interesting as it comes after Chinamma Sasikala Natarajan was elected as the new general secretary of AIADMK at the party’s annual general body meeting earlier today, held at the party headquarters in Vanagram in Chennai.

After a long 75 days battle, Jayalalithaa breathed her last on December 5, 2016 after suffering massive cardiac arrest at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. It was said her health was improving, but Amma was announced dead all of a sudden. The Court questioned why no revenue division officer (RDO) had seen the body, and why no medical records had been furnished. “Why not, at least after her death, some proof was given.”

The High Court recalled that MGR video was released during his treatment. Then why no video was given as proof, at least after her death, the Court asked. The case will be heard on January 9th.


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