AP Special Status Protest

After a huge victory for Makkal Movement across the state of Tamil Nadu to conduct Jallikattu, people of Andhra Pradesh have called for a silent protest on 26th of this month at RS Beach, Vizag for Andhra Pradesh Special Status.

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan recently voiced out for Jallikattu and Roster Fight through social media and called for a silent protest on AP special status. Taking the footsteps of Jallikattu movement, the youths of AP have decided to do a silent protest on Republic Day. They were trending it on Social media and inviting students and people and sharing information about the agitation with hastag #APDemandsSpecialStatus and #APSelfRespectMoment.

Pawan Kalyan Tweets Read:

#APDemadsSpecialStatus,I had planned a Musical protest album #DeshBachao to be released on 5th Feb but will prepone its release to 24th Jan.

JanaSena raises its ‘Voice against Opportunistic,Divisive & Criminal Politics;through a Protest Musical album”#DeshBachao !”

#APDemadsSpecialStatus ,If youth of AP are planning to do a silent protest on 26th Jan at RK Beach , Vizag, #Janasena Supports them.

Pawan Kalyan has deliberately announced that he will support youth provided the protest should be done peacefully. The youth of Tamil Nadu were on the grounds of Marina and other parts of the state for more than a week all around the clock (24/7). Due to the pressure given to the state and central governments, an ordinance was passed with approval from President of India and three Ministries facilitating Jallikattu to held legally. The ordinance will be turned to a State Law in a day or two.

Following the success of Tamils, Telugus have called for a silent protest for AP Special Status on 26th January, which was promised by BJP and TDP during elections.


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