Pune Capgemeni Antara Das death

Yet, another shocking incident happened in Pune. Antara Das, a Capgemini employee, was assaulted only a couple meters far from her office. She was perhaps seeping from her neck when she was found out and about by individuals in going by vehicles. Two of them hurried her to the adjacent Dhanvanthri hospital where she kicked the bucket.

The observers who came to her rescue also claim to have seen the aggressor. Police in investigating the crime but so far no arrests have been made.The police are additionally conversing with Antara Das parents to see what could have debilitated her life and gathering conceivable suspects.

As indicated by the source, her uncle Panchanan Das told The Telegraph to Antara’s parents as “We got a call from the police station informing us that she has been admitted to hospital in a serious condition. A youth was stalking her ever since she shifted to Pune from Bangalore in April this year. This youth may have had a role in the attack.”

Police is searching for the suspected attacker and are also talking to Antara Das parents to see if the he was known to her.

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