Identity of the Lady in this Mysterious Photo Revealed: Jayalalithaa’s Daughter

For several years, a photo of a lady who looks exactly similar to late Jayalalithaa has gone viral on the internet claiming her as Jayalalithaa daughter. After Jayalalithaa death, the air thickened with rumours and speculations about the lady in the photograph. The photo is making rounds on social media evoking people’s curiosity who is the lady in the photograph?

Finally, the million dollar question has been answered by a poplar a playback singer. Playback singer Chinmayi has cleared the air revealing about the lady in the photograph through posts on Twitter. She has asked people not to spread rumours about her on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media.

Chinmayi said she is from an illustrious family of renowned Mridangam Vidwan Trivandrum Balalji Family. She didn’t reveal her name, though.

Rumoured Jayalalithaa Daughter with Ramanathan Veeraraghavan



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