UP Girl Brutally Beaten for Protesting Eve Teasing
UP Girl Brutally Beaten for Protesting Eve Teasing

In yet another shocking incident in Uttar Pradesh, a young girl has been beaten ruthlessly by a group of men in a public place and the reason the behind this incident is sad and shameful.

It is quite common in Northern India, Girls often being harassed sexually and this time in Uttar Pradesh it is outrageous. This young girl in the video has been brutally beaten for protesting eve-teasing.

After suffering from eve teasing, this woman protested against the young man, went on hitting him, but here entered the rowdies, who dragged the woman out of the scene and brutally beat her with a thick wooden stick, with the huge amount of blood flowing all over her head she helplessly approached the police.

The video was uploaded on Facebook which is now trending like wildfire. At this time where women empowerment has been given importance, this type of incident is really sickening and this type of individuals should be punished severely.

We are hoping she will get justice for her pain and looking forward these type of incidents won’t happen again. When people will stop violence against women? Only God has to answer!


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