14-year-old Tejaswani Priyadarshani Builds Air Bike That Runs Without Pedals

Tejaswani Priyadarshani, the 14-year-old girl from the Indian state of Odisha has built a creative and innovative cycle “Air Bike” that runs by propelling the air. The young girl has given a whole new radical measurement to the bicycle space that is vital as the entire world keeps on education about climate changes due to global warming.

The “Air Bike” has no pedals in it, rather keeps running by pushing the compressed air from the container mounted on the bike career. The Air Bike has a massive range of 60kms with filling of 10kg of compressed air into the container.

What Made Tejaswani to Design Air Bike?

Tejaswani’s innovation comes when the entire world is working hard to stabilize the global climate changes by cutting down the utilization of fossil fills derived from assets like coal, oil, gas, petrol and diesel. Thus, making greater deal of utilization of renewable energies like solar, water and wind.

“Fossil fuels are produced from old and dry plants and animal remains. They are used in vehicles, industries and for firewood,” said Tejaswani of Rourkela.

Tejaswani, a class-XI student of Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandir of Rourkela, had this thought when she went to a bike repair shop and saw the mechanics utilizing compressed air firearms to detangle ties in a bike tire. That inspired her making a cycle that runs with the help of air.

“I thought if an air gun can do that, it could also run a bicycle. I discussed my idea with my father who encouraged me a lot and helped me out with equipment to carry out experiments,” said the young girl.

How Air Bike Works?

Her father helped her in making the project success. Subsequent to trying different things with a few outline forms, they purchased an air tank with a channel for filling water. A measuring dial was fitted with the tank. A starting handle and a safety valve were likewise associated with the air tank to release abundance air.

At the point when the handle is turned on, the air from the chamber is exchanged to the compressed air gun fixed near the paddle that pivots the gear with the assistance of six distinct blades, which additionally gets the cycle in motion.

“The bicycle can run for 60km on 10kg of air. The same technique can be used for motorcycles and cars. Priyadarshani won accolades for her invention from many experts,” said Natwar Gocchayat,Priyadarshani’s father.

Her Future Ideas

She said that the similar concept can be used on autos, particularly in Motorcycles, that will not need either petrol or diesel, which completely runs on air. So when it is implemented on motorcycles, commuters don’t have to end up paying massive bills towards petrol every month. Her prime focus is to create an environment-friendly vehicle.

Tejaswani has additionally won a few awards for her splendid development. She said that she want to display her inventions at the state and national level exhibitions.

Team TechieWheels wishes Tejaswani the best for her future inventions thus inspiring millions of people around the globe.

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