How to Make Unlimited Money from Hostgator Affiliate Program

If you are a blogger, you can earn money not just from monetization programs such as Google Adsense,, etc… yet additionally from affiliate programs. There are many bloggers out there who are fruitful in making money from affiliate programs as Google Adsense doesn’t work for everyone. Today, let’s learn on how to make money from Hostgator Affiliate Program.

Likewise other hosting affiliate programs, Hostgator is also offering affiliate programs to bloggers by which you can make unlimited money. We have been using Hostgator for other sites for a couple of years now and we haven’t confronted any issues till now. Our sites have 100% uptime, so we happy to refer Hostgator to our readers who are passionate in blogging which will help them to earn money as well.

How to Make Money from Hostgator Affiliate Program?

We are an affiliate partner of Hostgator for more than a year and we are making quite a handful of money every month. So we thought of sharing one of the best affiliate programs with our readers. Here we go:

Check out Hostgator Hosting

Hostgator Affiliate Program

Hostgator Affiliate Program is open to all that means anyone can join the program and start earning money. You don’t even need to be their hosting client to open a new account. All you need is a blog to promote the affiliate link

How to sign up for Hostgator Affiliate Program

Signing up for Hostgator Affiliate Program is very easy. They have partnered with Impact Radius for their Affiliate Program. Just visit the link below and complete the signup process by entering your basic details.

Sign up here and start earning money right way!

When you are done, it will take up to 2 to 3 business days to approve your application. Once you are approved to join Hostgator Affiliate Program, you will receive an email to the registered email.

Select Payment Options

After signing in to your account, the first step you have to do is to select your payment options. Depending on your location, the default payment option is shown as either PayPal or Wire Transfer or Check.

I recommend you to select PayPal as it is the reliable and quick process of payment system.

In case you don’t have any option other than Electronic Funds Transfer method, all you need to fill out the required details of your bank account.

Simple enter your bank account number beneficiary name, Swift code and Routing If you don’t find Swift code for the branch of your bank, you need to enter the swift code of the nearest branch of your bank. Swift code is just used to convert the currency.

For Routing, you need to enter the IFSC code of the branch of your bank.

Affiliate Ads and Coupon Codes

The next up is to place the affiliate ads, banner and coupon codes on your blog in order to your earn money.

Go to Dashboard, select the banner and get the code for the banner and place the code anywhere on your blog.

You can manage ads in the Ads tab. Go to Adsà Search Ads à Request New Ad to request for new ads and banners. In a day or two, your requested ads will add to your account.

You can also create custom promo codes using the Ads tab. Go to Ads à Promo Codes, and click Request Promo code. It is, however, limited to 10 coupons. We recommend you to use your blog name or website name for creating new custom promo codes. For eg: “TECHIEWHEELS25”.

How Much You Can Earn?

Hostgator pays your $50 for referring new customers to their hosting. The best part of Hostgator Affiliate Program is that the referral commission for every new signup increases with the number of referrals you make in a particular month. The more you refer, the more you earn.

  • 1-5 : $50/sign-up
  • 6-10 : $75/sign-up
  • 11-20 : $100/sign-up
  • 21+ : $125/sign-up

So if you refer 21 referrals in a month, you can earn $2,625 for that month. That’s the great way of boosting your income.

We have been with them for more than a year and getting good income using the affiliate program.

Use Promo code TECHIEWHEELS25 to get additional 25% discount on your Hostgator hosting. 

Other Features

By joining here, you can also join other affiliate partners of Impact Radius. All you’d need to do is login to your current account & click the “Join Platform” button in the bottom left corner.

Impact Radius offers very details insights of your referrals, earning, and payments and so on. You can choose to receive payment either on a fixed date of each month or after achieving a threshold amount.


In our regards, Hostgator Affiliate Program is one the best affiliate available out there in the affiliate marketplace. So, join the affiliate program and start making money right away!

Sign up here and start earning money right way!

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