Comprehensive Guide to iTunes Affiliate Program

Struggling to make money online?

Are you a blogger who struggle to make money from your blog then you have landed at the right place. At first, there are several ways to earn money online, and blogging is the best way to make money. Yet, you shouldn’t fix that thing as the prime focus of your blog. If your blog doesn’t have useful content, your blog won’t receive enough hits and in turn you can’t earn money.

Always make sure to create mind-blowing posts that would make you money automatically. Affiliate marketing is the good source of income for bloggers. It doesn’t important whether you have a tech blog, or a movie blog, or a new blog, and whatever it maybe your niche, there are loads of affiliates out there for all type of blogs.

Today, we can see how to make money from Apple products. Apple is the popular brand all over the world, so nobody hesitate you buy Apple products.

iTunes Affiliate Program

Interestingly, Apple does have an Affiliate program for all of its products and services such as iTunes, the App Store, iBooks, and the Mac App store.

The iTunes Affiliate Program provides a unique way for your website or app to link to millions of songs and thousands of apps — as well as books, films and more while earning commissions on qualifying sales.

Apply here to join the program and earn commissions when you link to music, apps, books and more on iTunes, the App Store, iBooks and the Mac App Store.

How to Get Started?

The iTunes Affiliate Program is for everybody who wants to earn some additional bucks from your website.

In order to apply for the iTunes Affiliate Program, you should have a working blog/website. If you don’t have a website, your application will be rejected.

Sign up here for free to iTunes Affiliate Program

After completing the sign up process, it will take up to a week time to get application approval. You’ll receive a confirmation email after your application is approved.

Login to your iTunes Affiliate Program dashboard.

The first step after getting to your dashboard is to configure your payment settings. Go to Settings à Payments, and enter your bank details or whichever is applicable for you. Apple supports direct bank transfer in most of the countries.

Select ‘All Counties’ for tracked currency and select your country’s currency in paid Currency. Set Threshold limit, Monthy Paymnet date, and make sure to check the box that says ‘Auto Selfbill/Payment Required’.

It’s time to generate affiliate links.

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How to Generate Affiliate Links

There are several options available to promote the iTunes Affiliate links and banners. Click on ‘Tools’ tab at the top of your dashboard, which will navigate to the options. You can use any of the options to generate links and banner. Make sure to read descriptions and choose the one that would be convenient for you.

Here are some of my recommendations:

Auto Link Maker

Is you are new to iTunes Affiliate program, and then it’s an amazing too for you. The reason is simple. Let’s assume that you have a tech blog that has several posts related to Apple products which have links to the App Store, iTunes, iBooks, and the Mac App Store. In this case, you don’t have to manually edit those links, by simply adding some codes to your site, it will convert all your existing links to affiliate links.

Using this tool, you also don’t have to manually create affiliate links for future posts as well.

Link Maker

By using this tool, you can manually create affiliate links for individual Apple products and services.

RSS Feed Generator

The RSS Feed Generator allows you to create RSS links to Apple’s Top products, music, books, apps, and more. This will be useful for Apple specific niche blogs. Simple add it to your site’s sidebar, which will take care of the rest.

Alternate Way to Create an Affiliate Link

The unique id for your iTunes Affiliate will be at the top of your Affiliate Dashboard. Whenever you want to create an affiliate link for any of the Apple products from App Store, iBooks, and the Mac App Store, simple add your id at the end of the link with ?at=xxxx (XXXX is your affiliate id).


If you have tons of followers on Social Media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more. Simple create affiliate links for current trending products from App Store, iBooks, and the Mac App Store and spin it on all social media profiles.

It there anything else, you want to know about Apple’s Affiliate Program. Yes, it is!

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Everything You Must Know About Apple’s Affiliate Program

  • Unlike other ecommerce affiliates, Apple has a cookie period for just 24 hours. When a user clicks on affiliate links and make purchases within 24 hours, you are eligible for commission.
  • You’ll receive 7% commission for every conversion (music, movies, books, and TV and apps).
  • Links to the Apple Online Store products do not earn commissions on the iTunes affiliate program.
  • iTunes gift cards sold on the Apple Online Store are not eligible for affiliate commission.
  • Links to iTunes Gifts on the desktop or within iOS additionally are not eligible for affiliate commission.
  • You should also create affiliate links for free apps. When you do this, and if the user buys anything from Apple within 24-hours, you’ll get commission for that same.

Compatible Apps to enhance earnings from Apple’s Affiliate Program

  • Download Blink App on our iPhone and use it create affiliate links on the go on your iPhone.
  • Use ExactView App on your iPhone to keep track of your earnings

Use iTunes shortcode WordPress plugin for your WordPress blog which gives better interaction with the Affiliate things. Create affiliate links on ease.

The iTunes Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate programs for your blog. Start using it and you can thank me later.

Sign up here for free to iTunes Affiliate Program.

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