Which is best Advertising for Blogs? Social Media Ads or Paid Search Ads

As we are in 2017, there are lots of changes to come in the following months in advertising techniques. Several bloggers will be having the same question as which is the nest advertising program in 2017? Social Media Advertisement or Search Advertisement.

After several months of follow-ups, setting new experiments, new ad campaigns on both social media advertising and paid search advertising, I found that search advertisement is the best option when it to comes to a blog or website. It is quite effective than social advertising.

What is Social Media Advertisement?

Social Media Advertisement is promoting your brand on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others. When Facebook launched advertising option in 2005, no one would have thought that its ad program would generate a revenue estimate of $34 billion in 2016. But how far it is effective for bloggers and webmasters? Read to know more.

What is Search Advertisement?

Search Advertisement is promoting your brand or content on search engines, most probably Google is the one that comes in or mind at first. If you want to increase conversion and reduce bounce rate then search advertising is the best.

Social Ads versus Search Ads

Both Ad programs offer various types of advertisements. Social Ads like Facebook, Twitter offers lead conversion to pages, likes, followers and sharing. You can promote your brand and content, and the ultimate goal of advertising is conversion. The competition for ads in the sense keywords is the key thing in advertising. The traffic to your website, which I mean the promoted content, will be boosted, however it will not get you the need conversion rate. The bounce rate to the website will be certainly high despite getting good traffic from social media advertising.  This is because people will not iterate to other content in the site, even if you show related content blow the promoted content. They won’t even tend to surf to other categories in the site.

Social media advertising is good for brands but not for blogs or websites. If you are already used to Facebook advertising, then you might have seen the conversion rate to the actual click rate versus likes and shares. The conversion rate will be very low.

But in search advertisement, which is apparently the Google Adwords, with two modes of advertising – paid search and display ad network. When you promote your content on Google via paid search, you’ll be creating ad campaign in Adwords with rich quality keywords. So, when user is looking for something and that keyword matches your search campaign, it will be displayed at the top of the Google SERP, tagged ads. User usually will have an intention of clicking on the link because it is what the user is looking for. At the same time, you can use display ad networks as billions of sites around the world run because of Google Adsense. So displaying your ad over the niche related content, user will he lured to click on the ads.

Both ways, paid ads as well as display ads drive traffic to your site based on reader’s interest. So, automatically the user will read other related content and even surf the site.  It will increase the conversion of your site as well as impression of your ads and Click-through-rate (CTR). When click through rate increases, it eventually decrease bounce rate. With low bounce rate, your site is benefited at the end of the day.

Conclusion: After several experiments on both advertisement platforms, I feel that Search Advertisement is the best thing and good for your site or blog. And, obviously it is the Search Engine Advertisement that tops still in 2017.


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