Recover Your site Disappeared from Google SERP

Google’s Panda and Penguin search algorithms are consistently updated aimed at providing better services to its customers. Days are gone, if you follow age old SEO tactics, then it’s time to upgrade yourself. Those algorithms were way smarter than we would think. Bloggers have to keep tabs on Google update over its search algorithm and have to tweak SEO accordingly.

This might be old, but content is always considered to be the king, if you have a right and informative content on your site, Google will take care to promote the content at right marketplace. Things have changed so far. Several websites were hit by the Google updates which have disappeared from SERP. If your blog or website experience sudden drop in organic traffic, you need to act faster to recover your site to gain momentum. It’s always good to keep tab on your site’s Google search results.

How to check

Most of them know to check whether the site for Google search results. First off, you can track and analyze the performance of your site on Google Analytics. You can check how your site is performing on search results by keeping tabs on Acquisition tab. Next, you directly ask Google with the following query “site:yoursitename” and it throw all indexed posts and pages from your site.

Why your site disappeared from Google search?

Once you realize that something wrong with your site, then you need to act accordingly. Do check for the changes that you have made recently on your site that might have hit on your site. There might be several reasons that Google have removed or penalized your site from appearing on Google SERP, here are some of them.

Most common reason is that Google will spam your site if it feels that there is no informative content rather than spammy content such as duplicate content, republished content, and thin content.

If your site is filled with thin content such as YouTube videos and posts with below 100 words, your site is at risk of getting penalty.

Most bloggers follow black hat SEO techniques to boost their site rankings. For god sake, never think about it. Google hates black hat SEO techniques. Once your site gets penalty, it will take months to recover.

Avoid getting unnatural backlinks. Of course, backlinks are important for site ranking but they should be legitimate. If Google bots track unusual activity within your site and unnatural backlinks to your site, your site is at high risk to get penalty.

How to recover your site

There are lots of tools available online for free to confirm whether your site is penalized or not. Use Panguin tool or Sandbox checker.  If your site is penalized, look out for why it was penalized. Then, if your site doesn’t appear on Google, check Webmasters (search console) for errors. Google Webmaster will send you’re an email when unusual things happen.

Follow the guidelines ad mentioned in the email to recover your site from Google penalty. Check for bad backlinks on Webmasters – under search traffic, links to your site. Download them and check for bad and spammy backlinks. Use Disavow tool to remove all bad links. Literally, Google will not remove those bad links, but it will not consider while analyzing your site. It will take a few months to recover completely.

Revisit all old posts and look for thin content. Either delete or add value added info to such posts. I will recommend updating thin content posts rather than deleting them. Once you are done, resubmit sitemap to Google Webmasters and wait for good things to happen.


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