250 Amazing and Interesting Facts That Everyone Should Know

You might have come across numerous fun, weird, and interesting facts on the internet. Yet, finding all of them at a single place would be amazing. We thought of rounding up all these facts here.

250 Amazing and Interesting Facts That Everyone Should Know

Check out the interesting facts here:

#1 Trees can tell if deer are trying to eat them. Due to their ability to detect deer saliva, tress defend themselves by producing excess acids that cause their buds to taste bitter so that the deer will lose interest and leave them alone.

#2 After Tupac died, his remains were cremated, mixed with weed and smoked by the members of his hip-hop band – Outlawz.

#3 Every Mexican child is granted a “National Vaccination Card” where heir vaccination history has to be registered. A complete record is mandatory for being enrolled in school with 14 preventable diseases included. Mexico has one of the most complete vaccination schemes in the world.

#4 Disney almost created a theme park for villains called “The Dark Kingdom”.

#5 A killer fog blanketed London in 1952 and left as many as 12,000 people dead. It led to Parliament passing the first Clean Air Act in 1956.

#6 According to scientists, they have caught evolution in action, a species of Australian lizard has made the transition from egg-laying lo live birth. Also, today about 20 percent of the living snakes and lizards give birth to live young only.

#7 The “Jesus Nut” is the bolt at the top of a helicopter shaft that holds it all together. It got its name because if it were to fail in flight, the only thing left to do would be to pray to Jesus.

#8 After complaints about baggage wait times, Houston airport moved the baggage claim farther away. The walk took longer than the wait and the complaints dropped to nearly zero.

#9 Smoking makes breasts sag faster than normal by breaking down a protein in the skin called elastin, which gives youthful skin its elastic appearance and supports the breast.

#10 During WWII 18-year-old Princess, later Queen – Elizabeth joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service and worked as a mechanical engineer to help British Forces.

#11 The captain of the Titatnic which sank after colliding with an iceberg in 1912 is believed to have originally failed its navigation test.

#12 William Shakespeare invented the word “swagger”.

#13 During construction of a railway in Uganda, two Tsavo lions halted progression by reportedly killing workers at night. Deaths were estimated to be 135.

#14 The 1902 Saint-Pierre Volcano eruption killed all 35,000 people in the town except one man who survived because he was the word prisoner and lived in a solitary confinement cell.

#15 Nathan’s Hot Dogs were originally priced so low, that customers were hesitant to trust their quality. In response, the founder paid locals to wear white lab coats to fool the public into thinking that doctors from Coney Island Hospital were eating the hot dogs.

#16 A boy who was allowed to change his own name when he was 8 years old is Dr. Loki Skylizard, today.

#17 After marathoning Breaking Bad, Anthony Hopkins wrote Bryan Cranston a fan letter, saying (among other things) “Your performance as Walter White was the best acting I have seen –ever.”

#18 A man named Laszlo Polgar developed a method to raise child prodigies. He wrote a book on it, married a language teacher, and they raised two of the 11 current female chess grandmasters in the world.

#19 The blue dye in M&M’s has been found to repair spinal injuries in rats, however when injected it also turns the rats blue.

#20 The Tree of Life in Kalaloch, Washington has nearly all of its roots exposed due to soil erosion, yet it still remains upright and sprouts green leaves every year.

#21 Before trees were common, the earth was covered with giant mushrooms.

#22 A woman in China got her 20 boyfriends to buy her 20 iPhone 7s, then she sold them all and bought a house.

#23 Bill Hader worked at a movie theater in college and was fired for telling rude customers how “Titanic” ended.

#24 Iceland has no army and is also recognized as the world’s most peaceful country.

#25 The Great Pyramid is made of 6.3 million tons of material which is more material than it took to build all the churches and cathedrals in England. The Pyramid base covers 13 acres and is flat and level to within 1cm.

#26 The Kalash people, a white-skinned, blonde hair, blue-eyed tribe in the back country of Pakistan, who claim to be descendants of the ancient Greeks.

#27 The Fox is the first animal to use the Earth’s magnetic field to judge distance and hunt.

#28 In the Victorian era, there were special moustache cups for drinking tea. The cup kept men’s moustache was out of the tea so it wouldn’t melt into their cup when they took a sip.

#29 In 1961, the captain of the ship named “Bluebelle” killed all its passengers except a young girl who left for dead in the ship he scuttled. The girl was able to escape and drifted for four days on sea before rescued, the captain later committed suicide upon learning of her survival.

#30 There’s a devices that can permanently replace the function of your heart, however, you’ll have no pulse thereinafter.

#31 Dogs can sense sadness in humans and often attempt to make their owners happy by initiating cuddling.

#32 A White American became a Japanese citizen, and successfully sued a business that refused entry to non-Japanese for racial discrimination, wining $25,000 in damages.

#33 JFK purchased 1,200 Cuban cigars just hours before he ordered the Cuban Trade Embargo in 1962.

#34 Google is planning to beam ultra-fast 5G internet from solar-powered drones, it’s called the Project Skybender. It is theoretically estimated that the drones will be able to deliver mobile internet 40 times faster than 4G LTE, which means you could be able to transmit gigabytes of data every second.

#35 Actor Nelly Furtado turned down $500,000 to pose fully clothed in Playboy.

#36 Carmel, IN has replaced almost all of their traffic lights by roundabouts. This led to an estimated 40% decrease in all accidents and 90% in fatal ones, saving $180,000 because of lower maintenance cost and several thousands of gallons of gas per roundabout per year.

#37 For every $1 invested in the US National Park Service, the American Public received $4 in economic values.

#38 Anonymous sent thousands of all-black faxes to the Church of Scientology to deplete all of their ink cartridges.

#39 In 1983, a group of Aussie friends started a quest to drink a beer at every Melbourne. 32 years and 476 pubs later they completed their quest.

#40 There’s a version of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ where everyone dies in a forest fire because the tortoise having won the race and therefore see as the fastest, is given the job of warning everyone.

#41 In 1989, a man bought an old painting from a flea market for $4 because he liked the frame. Hidden behind it was an original printing of the Declaration of Independence of United Sates of America which went on to sell at auction for $2.42 million.

#42 Norman Borlaug, an agricultural scientist developed high-yielding wheat varieties, which yielded 3x as much food. He is said to have saved the lives of over a billion people worldwide from starvation, making him one of the most influential men in human society.

#43 The Romans used to call Christians, atheists because they didn’t pay tribute to their gods.

#44 Tesla was able to perform integral calculus in his head, which prompted his teachers to believe that he was cheating.

#45 In 1965, a four-year-old nearly drowned at a beach, but was rescued by a woman named Alice Blaise. 9 years later, that boy rescued a man at the same beach. That man was Alice’s husband.

#46 Ostriches and Zebras often live together to protect each other from predators. The Ostrich can see much better than the zebra, while the zebra can hear or smell danger better than the ostrich.

#47 The average toll to pass through the Panama Canal is $54,000. The most expensive regular toll fee is $375,600.

#48 An astronaut threw a boomerang while visiting the International Space Station and it returned to him, even in the absence of gravity.

#49 Vegetables in Alaska grow gigantic because they receive 20 hours of sunlight a day.

#50 The appendix does have a purpose. It stores samples of good bacteria so they can repopulate your immune system in case they are wiped out completely by diseases such as dysentery or cholera.

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