5 Amazing Apps to Protect Your Privacy and Security on Your Android Phone

Android is an open source platform making it to be the widely used operating system for portable devices. Unlike Apple’s iOS for iPhone which is great at privacy and security than Android devices. There are millions of apps in the Google Play Store and billions of apps in the form of apks which are unofficial and may be vulnerable to your Android devices.

Not all apps available on the internet space are safe and that would risk your privacy and security of your Android phone. Apparently your personal and banking information are at risk, however utilizing right applications on your Android phone would certainly enhance your privacy and security.

Straight out of the box, you can download these 5 free apps on your Android Phone to protect your privacy and security when using your Android smartphone.

5 Amazing Apps to Protect Your Privacy and Security on Android Phone


It’s an amazing app that encrypts all of your phone calls and there is no way for others to tape or listen. Instead of routing calls through cellular network, RedPhone uses voice over internet protocol (VoIP) which places the call over internet. ‘

You don’t really need to be worried if someone including the National Security Agency (NSA) or hackers is listening to your calls.Even the company behind the RedPhone app can’t record or listen to your calls.

It’s similar to WhatsApp end-to-end encryption of which you can text as well as make voice and video calls without worrying about government agencies or private hackers intruding your calls.

You should have a reliable and trustworthy internet connection to avail the maximum benfits using the app. RedPhone app for Android provides utmost privacy and security over voice, though, it might end up in high data bills. So, make sure you have a reliable data plan on your phone that doesn’t shock you towards the monthly data bills.


Another amazing and useful app from the developers of RedPhone app. While RedPhone app is meant for making voice calls, the Signal app is dedicated for text messages. All your text messages will be encrypted, just you and your recipient can only see the messages.

The only setback in this app is that you and your beneficiary should have the app in order to avail the full benefits of the app. If the person you’re messaging doesn’t have the app, then the text will be received as normal, no more protection.


Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) setup, you can browse the web anonymously without letting your IP address and browsing activities known to the world. It will create a chain of proxy servers making it difficult for someone to track your identity. Of Course, drilling through, can find your exact location and details.

The catch in using a VPN is that it restricts the third part apps and developers collecting your information and browsing habits without your knowledge. Additionally, that will protect your privacy amd security from your own Internet service providers (ISP).

Out of the available VPNs, NordVPN is the best VPN network because they take your privacy seriously than anyone. Its cross platform independent allows safeguarding your browsing data and your privacy to the maximum.

NordVPN connects through around 600 servers located in 50 countries to make your browsing anonymous. Unlike other VPNs, its ‘Smart-Play’ allows users to connect to a particular server for streaming services with fast internet connection.

App Ops

Your smartphone is your personal treasury so you should not let anyone use your smartphone for any reason. There are possibilities for your data to get compromised that would end up in trouble.

Never give your smartphone to a person you are not aware of, because they may have other ideas of stealing your bank details.

There are possibilities of opening the apps without your knowledge and take advantage of your personal info and financial details. There are several apps out there in the market to lock your Android phone as well as the apps.

It is, however, App Ops is the best app for all your privacy and security things. App Ops only locks the apps you are concerned with. There is no sense in locking all the apps on your phone, yet practically you need to worry about a bunch of apps.

With App Ops having on your Android phone, your privacy and security of the phone is protected and in safe hands.

K-9 Mail

The email hacking is the most dangerous threat to the human society for the hour. The US Elections results had a huge impact on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and there are several whistleblowers who had leaked millions of email conversations of powerful persons in the world.

It is important for everyone to protect your email as it is the most formal means of communication between businesses and politicians. Getting your emails in the bad hand would put you in big trouble.

Hackers key focuses are always emails, so make sure to protect your emails via encryption. And K-9 Mail app does the encryption for you. All emails sent through this app are encrypted making it difficult for anyone to intercept your emails.

In case if a hacker takes advantage of your email box, only some shits will be seen by the hacker.

These days, it is not possible for anyone to survive a single day without a smartphone. Buying a costly Android smartphone isn’t that important, but installing right apps in your smartphone is so important. Your privacy and security are protected and you don’t have to worry that someone is listening.

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