5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Branded Tablet

The Android market is brimming with cheap tablets. It’s sufficient to make anybody’s head turn as they attempt to explore the alternatives. While the way that individuals have a mind boggling assortment of tablets to choose from, and shoddy to boot, it’s not generally the best thing.

Android is intended to work flawlessly at higher processing power, so if you go for cheap tablets with minimal processing power you can’t do much with the tablet other than reading messages and surfing the web. And, you’ll not be able to stream videos on these tablets as most of us spend time watching interesting videos on YouTube and that leaves the tablet useless.

So, as a consumer what you need to do? If you want explore the unmatched features of Android, you should buy a branded tablet for ultimate Android experience. I believe that these five reasons would justify Why I’m insisting users to buy branded laptops.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Branded Tablet

Processing Power

The first and the foremost feature that should hit everyone’s mind when buying gadgets, especially phones and tablets, is the processing power.

There are a lot of shoddy, low-controlled processors accessible for the low-end tablet commercial center. They make a magnificent showing with regards to of keeping the cost of the tablet low, however they don’t give the tablet user a chance to do much, either. Android works by redrawing the screen each time the client changes from application to another, or to the home screen. A moderate processor implies holding up more than only two or three seconds for the screen to redraw. Theoretically, this shouldn’t be such a major ordeal to sit tight for the phone to redraw.

In reality, it’s entirely different. When a user jabs the screen at the wrong timing while exchanging, the wrong application may open. Alternately time is of the quintessence to answer to an email and the moderate redraw destroys those valuable minutes. On the other hand, surprisingly more terrible, the tablet can’t play certain applications since it can’t stay aware of the power prerequisites. It’s things like this that make the tablet to a lesser degree a deal and to a greater extent of wasting money.

Poor Display Quality

No cheap Android Tablet is always going to accompany a good display. They are all going to utilize the least expensive LED screens conceivable. What this implies for the customer is uneven recordings and gameplay. What’s more, certainly no viewing recordings in HD, substantially less gushing with unwavering quality. The mix of low-powered processor and low quality display converts into rough video show. The main thing a cheap tablet like this is useful for is perusing books and streaming music.

Design and Build Quality

Cheap tablets are never going to have any sturdy design or components to deal with. All would be made with cheap plastic that would leave the tablet chip into pieces once they fell onto the ground. The display of the cheap tablets won’t be protected with tampered proof glass so they must be handled with care.

Absence of Updates

Makers of cheap tablets have no motive to upgrade them periodically. All they think about is getting the tablets out of their hands and into the hands of clueless purchasers. When it comes to cheap tablets, it is usual these cheap gadgets lag behind the version of Android, simply saying will run on outdate software and never receive an update.

One option is to root the tablet, something that customers aren’t generally happy with doing. Otherwise, it’s the fate of struggling with the outdated OS on the tablet.

It’s ideal to purchase a branded tablet, for example, Asus, Samsung, LG, or Nexus as opposed to running with a no-name. Fabricate quality is much higher, and the tablets get more support from their producers.

Additionally, you’ll have an ultimate experience of using the branded tablet than the cheap tablet.


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