Google Photos will soon let you remove obstacles from photos

Google IO 2017: Google made some stunning announcement at the company’s annual developer conference (Google IO 2017). Of those, one announcement excited everyone, especially photo freaks. Google will soon be able to remove any objects that you don’t want on your photos.

Of course, we can do similar stuff using Photoshop, but that takes time and moreover you should be an expert in that. But Google doesn’t want you to be a Photoshop guy, it will automatically remove unwanted objects from photos. The search giant didn’t reveal when or where this feature would be rolled out, but presumably it will get attached to Google Photos.

Google demonstrated on how it will work by removing a fence in the foreground of a photo (show above). And, the result was stunning. The company did show only one demo, so it is not clear how the feature will work in real time on our phones. However, it is the wanted feature that would help millions to make their photos more than perfect.


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