Google Assistant payments

Google has a couple of products for digital payments such as Google Wallet and Android Pay, and the company will soon another payment method called Google Payment API to its AI assistant Google Assistant.

You will now be able to send money to your friends and also pay for your purchases through Google Assistant in the coming months unless you are in the US. For example, if you say “Ok, Google Send $100 to Mark,” the assistant will immediately send money to him before authenticating your transaction, will use fingerprint or password if you are on Android devices. During demo at Google IO, Google ordered delivery from Panera using the Assistant.

Google’s new Payment API will allow you buy things online – both in-app purchases and on websites – using your credit card associated with your Google account. This is applicable to third-part apps too. If you have a credit card linked to your account, you can make purchases on websites or on third party apps that use Google Payments and will charge you from your Google account. Google will take care of security.

Google has tweaked the capabilities of Android Pay which will sent your offers from your favorite shops of you have those merchants loyalty cards linked to Android Pay. This feature will roll out soon in the US. Linking loyalty cards to Android Pay is easier than ever. When you apply for any loyalty card using your phone numbers, the notification that you get from the respective merchant wil make it easier to link to Android Pay.

Android Pay is about to launch in few countries where the consumers out there can avail some of these facilities beside Americans. However, payment using Google Assistant will be exclusive to the US when it launches.


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