Google Find My Device
Google Find My Device

Google’s own phone tracking app, Android Device Manager is now getting a major overhaul ever since it’s release with refreshing look and features. The device locating app will now be called Find My Device, which is similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone.

The Find My Device app was lastly updated in 2015 and since them it hasn’t received any major updates. With the new update, the overhauled app will still provides the same features it was created to do. Basically, the app provides users ultimate control over the phone when it is lost – tracking Android devices, locking them, playing sound, or just put it in lost mode.

The app now shows connected devices on the top, allowing users to easily switch between the devices. The update app is already available on the Google Play, which is listed as Find My Device by Google Play Protect.

Google Play Protect focuses on the security of your phone, comes with a slew of services aiming to secure your Android device. It will scan your phone for vulnerability apps, and will quarantine them or remove from your device. It gives users better security measures that were already in place with the Google Play.


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