Tim cook testing glucose tracker

Tim Cook’s dream of making a non-invasive tracker to continuously monitor blood glucose level to help people with diabetes is been in the works for years. Apple CEO Tim Cook is found wearing a prototype of a non-invasive glucose tracker on his body around Apple campus.

The traditional glucose trackers available in the market are invasive and bulky, but Apple has come up with a glucose tracker prototype that is more of a wearable attached to the body and connected to Apple Watch via Bluetooth.

There aren’t more details about the tracker yet on how it looks or how it works, because it is in the early stage of development. But as per sources, it should be an independent unit rather than in-built feature in Apple Watch, which physically attaches to the strap or chassis and connected to watch via wireless.

Reportedly, Apple has hired a team of biomedical engineers at Apple’s Palto Alto, who are working on a non-invasive tracker, for which the feasibility tests are on the way. There are lots of speculations over Apple’s glucose tracker where some sources say it is smart band wearable that would extend the functionalities of the Apple Watch while others say possibilities are higher for the tracker to get integrated within the Watch.

However, blood monitoring devices are required to comply the regulations of FDA and approved by them as well. So, we speculate, the tracker should be rolled out as an add-on accessory so it will not affect the mainstream Apple Watch lineup. Whatsoever, if Apple comes out with a device that are attached or not, and if it monitors blood sugar level continuously without penetrating into the skin, it will be a ground breaking device for diabetes community.

The glucose tracker is presumably expected to be announced this fall along with Apple Watch 3. It is too early for the rumour mill to shed light over this technology, but supply-side insiders have said Series 3 Apple Watch will apparently equip a new touch sensor technology.


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