10-year-old pregnant raped by her stepfather wins abortion battle

A 10-year-old girl from a northern state in India has won a legal battle to undergo abortion, just short of four months for delivery. As per Indian laws, it is prohibited to abort after 20 weeks (5 months) unless doctors certify that it won’t risk pregnant woman life.

The girl’s mother from Rohtak approached the Supreme Court of India in this regard and finally won the battle, where the doctor’s panel has explicitly passed the motion. When the case was referred to a panel of doctors to decide whether she can terminate her pregnancy, considering the girl’s future and her health, the doctors advised the honorable court to go further.

Her mother suspected that she would be pregnant only last week and when consulted with a doctor, her pregnancy was confirmed. She filed a complaint against her husband on knowing his involvement and the police have detained him, pending a full investigation.

Reports claim that the girl will be often at home when her mother went to work. Taking advantage, she has been repeatedly raped by her stepfather and threatened not to say anything to her mother. With justice going on her side, she would be aborted any time now, said a doctor on the panel.

The percentage of rape incidents have terribly increased in the country in recent years, with Supreme Court receiving several petitions from rape victims requesting abortion. Around 40,000 rape cases were reported every year in India, which are official numbers, but the real numbers would be considerably high. Northern states account for higher rape cases than the South India, with Delhi alone registered around 2200 rape cases in 2015.


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