Frustrated Student US Video

Each and every year, a lot of Indians go to USA either for studies or job. An Indian girl posted a video on YouTube titled “Frustrated Indian Student in USA( America ) | Frustrated US Student” and the video has now gone viral in social media, getting shared on WhatsApp and Facebook.

In the video, she speaks about the hard life of Indian students in USA, especially how girls lead their life in USA. She deals with lot of things, though the most concerned thing is the bug, common insects in the US. Students who were in the US have to do part time jobs to meet out their basic needs and they have to accommodate 10 – 15 students in a small apartment or room because of whopping rent.

She talks about bugs for which the property owners do bug treatment to get rid of the bug. While bug treatment, they need to stay out of their flat for a few hours and that she considers to be annoying. She even does a small job like others which she hasn’t done in India. Kindly don’t come to United States. Remain in India and live joyfully.

While the video goes viral, there are many counter videos being uploaded on YouTube responding to her silly reasons depicted in her video. Many think that this video is senseless and say if any student like to make video on Studies in United States, just share some useful and meaningful message, not a senseless reaction on bug.

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